Evan V. Goitein, Esq.

Evan V. Goitein founded The Law Offices of Evan V. Goitein, LLC in 2010. As a former senior advisor in the U.S. Congress, Evan developed an expertise for our nation’s laws and their impact on people and commerce. It was in that capacity that Evan came to appreciate the importance of the private practice of law, and the difference that an effective advocate can make by applying a particular statute to meet the needs of his client.

Evan’s practice is focused on all aspects of foreclosure and mortgage-related matters, family law, and civil litigation, including substantial experience in construction law. Evan has assisted numerous clients in navigating emotional issues dealing with the breakdown of families and the risk of foreclosure, while helping those clients to achieve outcomes that were in their best interests. Evan is committed to working with clients throughout the process to advise them of their options from all viewpoints in the hope of reaching an efficient resolution; however, in the event litigation is necessary, Evan has proven to be an effective trial attorney with a command of the Rules of Evidence and the applicable substantive laws.

After receiving his undergraduate degree, cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts in just six semesters, Evan attended the George Washington University Law School, where he graduated with honors. Evan is currently admitted to practice law in Maryland.