Family Law

Legal assistance is necessary to create family relationships governed by law. This can include assistance in drafting a prenuptial agreement, adopting a child, or changing a name.

Legal advice is also necessary when relationships break down. Divorce is more than entering an order terminating a marital relationship, and we understand the long-term changes for the parties, their families, and their financial well-being. Issues surrounding the end of a marriage – property disposition, child custody, and future finances – are often emotionally charged; therefore, it is essential that you have a compassionate and effective attorney who can guide you through the process, understand your objectives, and work with you to create a way forward that suits your needs.

Our preferred method for most divorce scenarios is to resolve marital issues by negotiated settlements, which are invariably less contentious and expensive than court-imposed solutions. However, when a settlement cannot be reached, we will provide vigorous representation in the courts to achieve client goals.

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