Residential Foreclosure Defense

Goitein Rosa, LLC has represented homeowners facing foreclosure since the firm’s founding. Goitein Rosa’s experienced attorneys can assist you in defending foreclosure actions in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Whether it is assisting you in seeking a non-foreclosure alternative in loss mitigation or challenging the lender’s right to foreclose on your property, Goitein Rosa can help.

Goitein Rosa has helped many homeowners to obtain loan modifications to avoid foreclosure. A loan modification adjusts the terms of your mortgage to eliminate the default and allow you to resume payments. A loan modification can include reduced monthly payments, a lower interest rate, principal reduction or forbearance, and/or term extensions. Loan modifications are the most straightforward way to avoid foreclosure and allow you to keep your home.

What happens when the lender has made errors in foreclosing on your home? Goitein Rosa’s attorneys can help you identify these errors and assert your rights in Court. The lender may have failed to follow the requirements of the Deed of Trust, may have failed to establish their right to foreclose, or could have taken actions that led to the default. If this happens, you may have a defense to the proceeding that could delay foreclosure, force the lender to settle, or may even result in the dismissal of the foreclosure action.

Your home is not just another investment. It means more than that. You should not have to fight a foreclosure alone. The dedicated and experienced attorneys at Goitein Rosa can help you navigate the foreclosure process, and help you seek the best opportunity to save your home.

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